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      MRI Ultrasound Fusion Targeted Prostate Biopsy

      MRI US fusion prostate biopsy is rapidly becoming the standard of care for prostate cancer tissue diagnosis.  I was asked by ADI to write a testimonial for their product that allows them to provide mobile services for MRI US fusion prostate biopsy.

      "My name is David Robbins and I am a board certified urologist and partner at Urological Consultants of Florida in North Miami, Florida.  I have been excited to get involved with MRI-ultrasound fusion targeted prostate biopsies since I first began to learn about it nearly ten years ago as a resident at NYU Medical Center where much of the research was conducted regarding the validity of this advanced technology.  A traditional 12 core prostate biopsy randomly samples the prostate with the hopes of a chance encounter with prostate cancer tissue.  In a small sized prostate or one with more advanced and diffuse disease, prostate cancer will usually be discovered with a traditional 12 core ultrasound guided biopsy, however when the prostate is large  or if the disease is focal or anterior in the prostate, it will often be missed in a random 12 core sampling.  Current MRI imaging techniques allow for precise localization of hot spots in the prostate consistent with cancer in patients with an elevated or rising PSA.  MRI-ultrasound fusion targeted prostate biopsy techniques allow me to specifically target hot spots seen on MRI while using real time ultrasound imaging making it more likely for me to diagnose prostate cancer which may have otherwise been missed on a traditional biopsy.  Unfortunately, until recently, this technology was limited to only a select few academic centers with the funding to purchase the costly hardware needed to implement MRI-ultrasound fusion.  Thankfully, in my practice I have been lucky enough to be associated with ADI, the only mobile provider with access to this advanced technology, allowing me to be able to offer my patients this advanced and improved biopsy technique that was previously available in only a few centers.  Now, I am proud to be able to offer my patients MRI-ultrasound targeted prostate biopsy which is a valuable and cutting edge tool for prostate cancer detection that is rapidly becoming the standard of care. "

      Published: May 21, 2015

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