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      Penile Implant Surgery Miami

      Inflatable Penile Prosthesis surgery (Penis implant/penile pump) for refractory erectile dysfunciton

      Penile prosthesis surgery (penis implant/penile pump) is an excellent option to regain erectile function in cases of erectile dysfunction refractory to traditional medical treatments such as with oral medications, intraurethral suppositories or injection therapy.  A 3 piece penile prosthesis consists of a pump in the scrotum that allows the user to self inflate and deflate at will with ease, two erectile cylinders placed into the corpora cavernosum (erectile bodies) and a reservoir of fluid located below the abdominal fascia placed through the same single incision.  When an erection is desired, the pump is activated thereby permitting fluid to flow into the cylinders.  The entire device is implanted in the patients body without alteration of the natural body contour.  It would not even be noticable in a locker room.

      The 3 piece penile prosthesis (penis implant/penile pump) provides for a natural appearing erection with greater flaccidity when the prosthesis is in the deactivated position as compared to the two piece penile prosthesis or malleable penile implant.  Each prosthesis is custom made to fit the natural size of each individual patient.   The most advanced and up to date AMS penile prosthesis typically placed by Dr. Wirtshafter and Dr. Robbins provides both girth and length expansion.

      A three piece penile prosthesis (penis implant/penile pump) is ideal for a patient with refractory erectile dysfunction with adequate manual dexterity and good mental capacity desiring a natural appearing erection with more natural flaccidity than a malleable penile implant or a two piece penile prosthesis .

      Penile implant surgery (penis implant/penile pump) is an excellent option for patients with erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease (penile curvature).  In this circumstance, a penile implant can be used to simultaneously correct the curvature and provide excellent erectile function.

      Considerations for choosing the appropriate implant include lifestyle, medical conditions, personal preference and cost. As with all surgeries, there are associated risks that include infection, pain and other complications.

      Miami urologists Dr. David Robbins and Dr. Amery Wirtshafter have significant experience with penile prosthesis surgery even in complex cases and have helped countless patients to regain their sexual function and confidence.

      Published: December 21, 2011

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