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      Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Heart Disease

      Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Heart Disease

      Over the past decade, the use of testosterone replacement therapy amongst American men has tripled.  An estimated 3% of men over 40 are using testosterone supplementation products.  Sales from drug companies for testosterone are reported to be 2 billion dollars annually.

      There are conflicting reports regarding the safety of testosterone replacement and heart disease.  A recent study from the University of Texas Medical Branch reported no connection between testosterone replacement and heart attack risk.

      This study contradicts a previous report by the University of California Los Angeles that found that the incidence of heart attacks in men on testosterone replacement nearly doubled while on therapy.

      The FDA has yet to find any clear detrimental risk to testosterone replacement, however it also has not supported any linkage between age related decline in testosterone levels and decreases in energy level and sexual function.

      Given the lack of clear evidence of risks and benefits of testosterone replacement, caution should be taken when considering supplementation.  A comprehensive conversation between the doctor and patient is vital in the decision whether or not to start testosterone replacement.

      Published: September 6, 2014

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