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      Sound Waves for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction ED

      For many years the treatment for mainstay treatment for erectile dysfunction has been oral pills like Viagra. Patients with more severe ED had to resort to more invasive options like injection therapy or penile implants. All of the above treatments required patients to plan intercourse around taking medications or manipulating a device to cause an erection. Although these treatment options for ED could help a patient to achieve an erection, they failed to address the root cause of ED, a lack of blood flow to the penis. An alternative novel therapy that has been used around the world for years and is now gaining traction in the United States is know as Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT). This cutting edge therapy for ED uses low intensity sound waves directed at six locations in the penile erectile bodies with the goal of improving vascular blood flow to the penis and thereby restoring natural erectile function. At a cellular level, ESWT results in the release of vascular growth factors that promote new blood vessel formation. Many studies have shown significant restoration of natural erectile function in men receiving ESWT over a placebo. At Urological Consultants of Florida in Miami, we are proud to offer this cutting edge treatment to our patients.

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      Published: February 12, 2018

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