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      Miami urologist David Robbins, MD is Miami's top doctor performing minimally invasive and low cost vasectomy procedures. Dr Robbins is highly skilled in vasectomy procedure and has helped countless patients to achieve their goal of permanent sterility.

      To better accommodate our patients' needs for vasectomy, we have two convenient offices located in Miami Beach at Mount Sinai Medical Center and North Miami Beach.  From our two Miami locations we are able to serve patients throughout Miami-Dade and Broward counties including the Florida Keys and Fort Lauderdale.

      Our principal goal is to perform low cost and minimally invasive vasectomy procedures in one of our Miami offices with minimal impact on our patients' lives.  For the convenience of our patients, vasectomy procedures are performed on a weekly basis on a Friday afternoon.  Patients take a Valium prior to the procedure and are typically able to leave the office within a half an hour of arriving for their vasectomy.  The vasectomy procedure takes about 15 minutes.  In addition to the Valium given to relieve anxiety, patients are given a local anesthetic to prevent and discomfort during the vasectomy procedure.

      Please call our office at ☎ (305) 575-2771 to schedule an appointment or visit us on our website though the link below to learn more information or contact us via email.

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      Published: November 23, 2013

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