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      Board certified urologist David Robbins, MD is Miami and Fort Lauderdale's top doctor performing low cost minimally invasive No-Needle No-Scalpel Vasectomy. At Urological Consultants of Florida, Dr. Robbins has performed thousands of vasectomy procedures.

      Vasectomy procedures with Dr. Robbins take 15 minutes or less and patients typically have minimal to no pain after the procedure. Dr. Robbins goal is to perform a safe and effective vasectomy procedure directly from our state of the art Biscayne Boulevard North Miami location with minimal impact on patients' daily lives. When it comes to a successful and complication free office based vasectomy, experience and technique are paramount. If you are considering a vasectomy, make an appointment with Dr. Robbins to explore your options and discuss whether you would benefit from a minimally invasive, No-Needle No-Scalpel Vasectomy.

      Covid 19 Crisis Vasectomy Telemedicine Consultation

      In response to these challenging times, we would like to make it easier for our patients who are contemplating a vasectomy to get a consultation and schedule their procedure without needing to come to the office.  If you are interested in a telemedicine consultation for your vasectomy, please call the office and request one.  At the time of your appointment, we will send a text to your phone with a link to an encrypted and secure video conferece.  You do not have to download a program or an app.  Prior to your consultation, please click on the link leading you to our contact us page.  At the bottom of the page you can download and print out our patient registration, patient history and noctice of privacy forms and email them to [email protected] .  

      Experience Matters Regarding Vasectomy Outcomes

      With regards to outcomes following a vasectomy procedure, experience does matter. Dr. Robbins performs hundreds of vasectomy procedures every year at his North Miami location making him likely the busiest vasectomy surgeon in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

      Given Dr. Robbins' extensive experience with No-Needle No-Scalpel Vasectomy, he can perform the procedure quickly and efficiently. A typical No-Needle No-Scalpel Vasectomy procedure performed by Dr. Robbins takes 15 minutes or less. It is not uncommon for patients to have little or no discomfort after their vasectomy procedure.

      No Scalpel Vasectomy

      Dr. Robbins' experience with vasectomy allows him to quickly identify and isolate the vas defrens with minimal trauma to the surrounding tissue resulting in decreased swelling and inflammation post procedure and therefore less post procedure pain and discomfort for the patient. Dr. Robbins is also able to perform the entire vasectomy procedure though only one single 4mm opening in the skin that is barely visible even immediately post vasectomy. As a vasectomy provider with significant experience, Dr. Robbins is able to provide optimal outcomes.

      Vasectomy procedure failures are more common than would be thought, but Dr. Robbins is up to date with the most current vasectomy techniques to decrease the risk of vas recanalization and failure including facial interposition and mucosal cauterization. When choosing a urologist to perform your vasectomy in Miami and Fort Lauderdale is important to go with a provider with experience. If you are considering a vasectomy, experience matters. Please contact us for a consultation. We would be happy to help you or guide you in any way that would be helpful.


      What is a vasectomy?

      A vasectomy is a minor surgical procedure performed in the office with the goal of achieving permanent sterility by preventing sperm from exiting the penis during ejaculation. A vasectomy procedure is minimally invasive and highly effective with success rates reportedly greater than 99%. A vasectomy procedure is simple to perform and low risk as compared to a tubal ligation in females and for that reason it is the most popular means of birth control when the goal is to achieve permanent sterility.

      Is a vasectomy an appropriate choice for you?

      Medical Sterilization

      Although a vasectomy procedure is an excellent way to achieve permanent sterility, the decision to undergo a vasectomy procedure should not be taken lightly. A vasectomy procedure is performed for men that have made the decision that they no longer want to father children under any circumstances. Although a vasectomy reversal procedure is possible, this is a complex surgical procedure performed in the operating room under general anesthesia. It is typically not covered by insurance and success rates can vary.

      If you do choose to have a vasectomy, rest assured that Dr. Robbins has extensive experience performing vasectomy procedures. Dr. Robbins is at your service to provide you with a hassle-free vasectomy procedure performed by a recognized expert in minimally invasive vasectomy. Patients from Miami Dade, Broward including Fort Lauderdale and our surrounding neighborhood including the Caribbean, Central and South America have come to Urological Consultants of Florida to have a No-Needle No-Scalpel Vasectomy with Dr. Robbins.

      Dr. Robbins performs 200 to 300 vasectomy procedures every year. The whole procedure takes approximately 15 minutes to perform and patients typically spend no more than 45 minutes in the office from the time they arrive until they are ready to go home. Dr. Robbins give all of his patients a Valium to take 1 hour prior to the procedure to diminish any anxiety about the vasectomy. Most patients do choose to take the Valium although it is optional. All patients take an oral dose of antibiotics 1 hour prior to the procedure. Vasectomy procedures are performed on Thursday and Friday afternoons giving most patients with traditional jobs that do not work the weekend the opportunity to take it easy for a few days prior to returning to work on a Monday.

      How is a vasectomy performed?

      Vasectomy Diagram

      Vasectomy works by preventing sperm from reaching your penis during ejaculation.

      Sperm is made inside of your testicles. After leaving the testicles, the sperm travels through an organ called the epididymis where it can mature. At the time of ejaculation, sperm travels out of the epididymis though a long tube called the vas deferens into the urethra where it is then mixed with fluid from the prostate and semenal vesicles to create semen. The semen is then propelled out of the urethra via rhythmic contractions of the muscles around the penis and perineum during orgasm.

      To perform a vasectomy procedure Dr. Robbins will use lidocaine to numb the skin. Next, the vas deferens are identified manually and isolated using the standard three finger technique. Subsequently the skin is opened using a No-Needle No-Scalpel technique. The vas deferens is then isolated, divided, cauterized and suture ligated. The tiny skin defect is approximated with skin glue or a small suture. The total time to perform a vasectomy procedure is approximately 15 minutes.

      Myths about a vasectomy procedure

      Many men are concerned about a vasectomy procedure because they have heard from a friend or read on the internet that it may cause erectile dysfunction or that they will not ejaculate after the procedure. A vasectomy procedure certainly does not cause damage to the nerves that initiate erections or cause injury to the erectile bodies. Erectile dysfunction is simply not a known complication of vasectomy. Also, a vasectomy procedure does not lead to decreased ejaculatory volume. Only a minute portion of the volume of semen in the ejaculate is contributed to by sperm from the testicles. Greater that 99% of the semen volume is from the semenal vesicles and prostate and the path for these fluids is not altered by a vasectomy. The volume, color and consistency of semen is not altered by a vasectomy procedure.

      Additionally, some patients report that they have heard that a vasectomy procedure may increase their risk for developing prostate cancer. There is no literature making this connection with statistically significant data and recent studies addressing this concern have shown no connection with vasectomy procedure and prostate cancer.

      Finally, it is a common misconception that a vasectomy procedure can affect a man's libido or ability to achieve orgasm and ejaculate normally. These functions are certainly not altered by a vasectomy procedure.

      What are the real risks associated with a vasectomy?

      Vasectomy Risks

      A vasectomy procedure is considered a safe procedure with few risks especially when performed by urologists with expertise and experience with the procedure such as Dr. Robbins.

      Occasionally minor complications may occur and may include:

      • Pain
      • Bleeding
      • Bruising
      • Swelling

      Very infrequently a post vasectomy syndrome may occur which is associated with prolonged scrotal discomfort. Typically, this can be relieved with anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen and the symptoms should resolve with time.

      In 2012, the American Urological Association released a set of official guidelines for a vasectomy procedure. You can download and print out these guidelines below. This publication highlights the risks and benefits of the vasectomy procedure similar to that which is highlighted above. It should be noted that the typical post vasectomy course is unremarkable. Given that most vasectomy patients are young professionals, we typically perform vasectomy procedures on Friday afternoons to allow patients the weekend to relax and recover so that they can be back to work on Monday morning.

      Risk of pregnancy after a vasectomy

      According to the American Urological Association 2012 Guidelines, the risk of pregnancy after a vasectomy procedure is less than 1 in 2000 with demonstration of no sperm on a post vasectomy semen analysis.

      It is very important that patients comply with the request to obtain a semen analysis to confirm lack of sperm approximately 10-12 weeks after the vasectomy. For men whose circumstances may change after a vasectomy procedure or who change their mind, the options for fertility after vasectomy include vasectomy reversal surgery, sperm retrieval combined with in vitro fertilization, or the use of sperm from cryopreservation saved prior to the initial vasectomy procedure. However, although these methods can be employed post vasectomy, they are certainly expensive and not a guarantee of a success in achieving pregnancy.

      How to prepare for your vasectomy

      Vasectomy Preparation

      A vasectomy procedure is performed in our state of the art Biscayne Boulevard office in North Miami under local anesthesia. The vasectomy procedure takes about 15 minutes to perform and is tolerated very well by our patients. To add to patient comfort during a vasectomy procedure, we prescribe Valium to be taken 1 hour prior to the procedure. Additionally, we recommend to patients that they bring an iphone or personal music player with earphones to make their vasectomy experience more relaxing. With the combination of a Valium and music, it is not uncommon for patients to fall asleep during the vasectomy procedure.

      Before your vasectomy:

      • Clean and shave your scrotal area.
      • Avoid taking anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen or Aspirin.
      • Wear loose-fitting clothes to your vasectomy appointment.
      • Bring someone to drive you home after the vasectomy.

      What to expect after your vasectomy

      After a vasectomy, it is important to avoid strenuous activities such as heavy lifting, exercise or sexual activity for 3-5 days. It is typical to have mild discomfort that can be relieve with Tylenol or ibuprofen.

      Ice should be applied to the area indirectly for 20 minutes every few hours while awake for the first day to reduce swelling and discomfort.

      A topical antibacterial such as Bacitracin or Neosporin should be applied to the wounds 2-3 times per day for several days. It is important to avoid submerging the wound in water such a in a bath or swimming pool. These activities can allow bacteria to enter the wound and lead to infection. It is OK to take a shower even the day of the procedure, but the area should not be washed vigorously or scrubbed with a brush.

      Since you will be taking Valium, it is important that someone is there during the procedure and available to drive you home. Immediately following vasectomy, there is a slight risk of bleeding into your scrotum. Contact your doctor if you experience:

      • Significant swelling in your scrotum.
      • Intense pain.
      • Fever.
      • Redness in the scrotum.
      • Discharge from the wound.

      Follow-up Instructions

      Vasectomy Follow Up Instructions

      A vasectomy procedure is not immediately effective. There are still sperm that are left in the vas deferens beyond the point where the tube is divided. These sperm are viable and capable of causing an unplanned pregnancy. Effective birth control should be resumed after the vasectomy procedure until a negative semen analysis is documented and confirmed by Miami urologist David Robbins, MD.

      A semen analysis should be performed 10-12 weeks after the procedure and it is important to have at least 12 ejaculations prior to the analysis to clear the tubes of any remaining sperm. The semen analysis will be performed at your local laboratory. You do not have to make a follow up appointment to review the results. Dr. Robbins will call you to review the result on the phone.

      For the first day or two after vasectomy you may experience mild discomfort in your scrotum or abdomen. Over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol or ibuprofen should help. The doctor may also send you home with narcotic pain medication.

      Most men in Dr. Robbins' practice who opt for a vasectomy are busy with their family and careers and are concerned about time off from work after the procedure. To minimize downtime from work, vasectomy procedures are typically performed by Dr. Robbins on Thursday and Friday afternoons. This allows the clear majority of patients to take it easy over the weekend and return to work on Monday without any problems. We are certainly willing to work with men who do not have traditional work schedules to find an alternative day for a vasectomy procedure.

      What will my experience be like with a Tear Free Vasectomy by Dr. Robbins?

      Urological Consultants of Florida Vasectomy Forms

      Miami urologist Dr. David Robbins has provided a pdf copy for download of the vasectomy consent form that you signed at the North Miami Office. You can additionally download the pre and post vasectomy instruction forms below as well as additional information about vasectomy from the American Urological Association:


      You will need to have someone take you home following the surgery WHEN YOU GET HOME:

      1. Ice your scrotum 20 minutes every two hours when awake for 24 hours. This will reduce the chance of scrotal swelling.
      2. Wear cotton, JOCKEY undershorts for increase support and comfort.
      3. Avoid heavy lifting or vigorous exercise for seven (7) days after surgery.
      4. You can shower the day after surgery. Avoid rubbing the scrotum when drying
      5. Sexual activity can begin one week after your vasectomy when scrotal swelling and tenderness subside
      7. Eight to Twelve (10-12) weeks after your vasectomy, you need to do a Semen Analysis.
      8. Please call our office immediately if you have any post op complications including:
        1. Infection
        2. Bleeding
        3. Increasing pain
        4. Swelling
        5. Temperature of 101
      9. If you have any questions, please call the office at (305) 672-4222

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      The no needle no-scalpel approach means that this is a very easy procedure and I was surprised by how easy it all was.

      I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dr. Robbins for anyone who wants a vasectomy. Going to the Dentist is a more grueling experience than this!

      Thank you!

      Joshua R.

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      Dr Robbins have an excellent bed manners and high quality patient care. I had my vasectomy done with him a week ago. Totally painless since day one. I work in the health care in a well know hospital and I will tell you that if you need this procedure done he is the doctor that you want. I wish I can give you 10 starts. Appreciate it Dr Robbins.

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      Mr. Robbins is an excellent doctor. I had my procedure done a week ago and I have no issues at all. The procedure was quick and painless. So far so good. I would definitely recommend. The customer service is great as well.


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      David was great. The procedure was quick and practically painless. I was really surprised it?s been less than 24 hours since the procedure and still barely any pain. Very thankful I found him and I highly recommend!! Keep up the great work. Thank you again!!

      Lucas Pereya

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      This was a great visit. From the consult to the actual procedure. Dr. Robbins was very professional and friendly at the same time which made me feel very comfortable. I definitely recommend his office for any urological procedure ..thank you to everyone who was involved.

      Brian Stark

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      The procedure was practically pain free. My discomfort level was a 1 out of 10 (10 being the worst). Dr. Robin's was extremely professional and informative regarding the procedure. His office was very clean and aesthetically pleasing. I would definitely recommend him to anyone wishing to get a vasectomy.

      Pierre Soulier

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      Dr. Robbins and staff make your feel extremely comfortable. So down to earth. Was the least evassive process ever. If your doing a vasectomy trust in the expert Dr. Robbins. Really its a no brainer.

      arhom joseph

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      My experience in the office with dr. Robinson was excellent and staff they make me feel comfortable in the exam room I was talking to him throughout the whole procedure only takes 10 minutes I felt no pain whatsoever I would definitely recommend him to any of my family, friend remembers and anyone's  who wanted to do the procedure.

      james parrott

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      Dr. Robbins was professional and knowledgeable. The procedure was smooth, comfortable and fast, I could not have asked for an easier experience. The whole process was over before I knew it, with no pain or side effects.

      Dr M 105

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      Awesome doc. Great guy, good service

      Erik Sherman

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      Everyone?s health is personal but it doesn?t get more personal getting a vasectomy for a man. Dr. Robbins was professional, took the time to explain everything and the fact that he does his vasectomy?s onsite shows his confidence with this procedure. Never thought I would say this but it was pain free and a lot more comfortable that I ever thought it would be. I would highly recommend him and after all my research I am confident that I made the right choice.

      Christian Brito

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      Super professional,
      Dr. Robbins makes sure all information provided is clear and keep us calm during the procedure. No pain, no side effects, great work.

      Mayelin Cabrera

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      David Agrenot
      Dr.Robbins is an excellent experience doctor. I would definitely recommend. Very professional staff. Dr Robbins is very professional, friendly and makes you feel at ease from the first time you meet him. Had the scalpel less Vasectomy with no complications and no pain during and after procedure.

      Jason Cespedes

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      Smooth and fast. They make you feel very comfortable.

      Rudy Sarmiento

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      Dr. Robbins is not just very professional but very friendly. He makes you feel comfortable and i felt no pain during the procedure.


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      Excellent experience, would definitely recommend. Very professional staff. Dr Robbins is very professional, friendly and makes you feel at ease from the first time you meet him. Had the scalpel less Vasectomy with no complications whatsoever. Dr Robbins does these a few times a week and his experience is clearly evident. Recovery was fast. No swelling, and only minor pain and discomfort the day of and part of the day after the procedure. Don't know why anyone is still doing the scalpel method. I did have to wait to have the procedure done, due to what I believe to be the high demand of Dr. Robbins, but it was worth the wait. The procedure itself was painless and relatively simple. I had it done Friday afternoon and was back to work on Monday (not an office job btw, fast pace). Again, no swelling, no complications, no discomfort. Highly recommend Dr. Robbins and scalpel-less procedure.

      Michael Samuels

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      I had my vasectomy one month ago and everything is going great. Fully healed no issues. The whole staff was pleasant and capable. No issues throughout the process and everything was explained very clearly. Great experience!

      Stephanie Beckford

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      My husband was in such great hands. Originally he was terrified of the thought of a vasectomy. Once we had our consultation with Dr. Robbins he felt so much better. It's a very simple and fast procedure. My husband was in and out in 45 minutes. Yes he is in a little pain but it's tolerable. Some Tylenol does the job. We live an hour away from this office but the drive was worth it. His staff is also great and friendly. Highly recommended!


      Rating Stars

      Dr. Robbins was very informative, polite, and experienced. I did not experience any pain and only a small amount of expected discomfort. I would recommend his services to anyone.

      Marro Rodriguez

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      Dr. Robbins is an exceptional Doctor! From his professionalism to his great personality. I truly believe he is an expert in the field of Vasectomies. He has performed seven of of my co-workers. We work in the same Law Enforcement Department and I referred them to him. All of us have had terrific results, right back to work and no pain or swelling. Please choose Dr. Robbins for any Urology issue and you will be extremely pleased. I highly recommend him!

      Jazmine Falero

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      Probably the best surgical experience I have had! Dr. Robbins and his staff are great, I didn't feel a thing and was very quick! Highly recommended!

      manuel sosa

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      Excellent service of Dr Robbins. Very friendly and professional at the same time. We would certainly recommend him.

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      Excellent customer service everyone very friendly and most importantly Dr Robbins gave me the confidence and assurance I needed, everything went smoothly. First Class!

      Dean T

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      As much as you can for an "operation", I really enjoyed my experience with Dr. Robbins!! He explained everything and delivered on it. Contrary to what my regular urologist said (have kidney stones), it was a quick and almost pain free operation for me. I'm sure it could be different for others but even the post operation pain was minimal but that may have something to do with me icing it aggressively from the start even though I didn't have pain at the time. The toughest part was probably getting rid of all the pubic hair since I elected to pluck instead of shaving.

      G Wh

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      My experience at Urological Consultants of Florida was a pleasant one. From the friendly staff when you arrive, to meeting Dr.Robbins himself I felt very comfortable. He explained the procedure in a thorough way which made the final decision to go through with the operation easier than I expected. The Operation itself was very quick and almost painless. We talked threw the operation and it was over before I knew it. The recovery was a little painful for me cause my terrible two year old would not allow me to get my needed rest. It has been almost two weeks since the operation and things are completely back to normal and I feel great. I would recommend Dr. Robbins to anyone that needs this procedure done.

      Billy Breedlove

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      Just finished my procedure the doctor was excellent very professional I felt totally comfortable with him,my questions explained everything to me and very friendly staff highly recommend

      Ruben Perez

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      Excellent, surgery went perfect and no problems. The staff was super profesional every single one of themDr. Robbins is the real deal. He?s kind, honest and gentle. He did my vasectomy and it was painless. Would defiantly recommend him to friends and family.

      Michael Anthony

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      Dr. Robbins is the real deal. He?s kind, honest and gentle. He did my vasectomy and it was painless. Would defiantly recommend him to friends and family.

      Ari Neimand

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      Dr. Robbins made the process easy and painless. He explained everything thoroughly and made sure I was informed and comfortable during the entire procedure. I would definitely recommend him.

      Tear Free Vasectomy Group

      Lenis Needle Free Vasectomy

      Dr. Robbins is proud to be part of an elite group of experienced urologists providing Tear Free Vasectomy procedures. Tear Free Vasectomy involves the use of a needle free injector to provide local anesthesia instead of a small guage needle. The aim of the Tear Free Vasectomy Group is to be able to offer patients seeking a vasectomy provider with the highest level of skill and experience a list of only qualified providers throughout the United States.

      Current Tear Free Vasectomy Providers:

      Links to Scientific Journals Reviewing Vasectomy

      Miami Center of Excellence for Vasectomy

      Dr. Robbins has treated countless patients in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding region searching for an experienced urologist performing minimally invasive and low cost vasectomy procedures. There are few urologists with the experience and dedication to the art of vasectomy like Dr. Robbins. Dr Robbins experience, dedication and skill in the craft of vasectomy has earned Urological Consultants of Florida the distinction of a Center of Excellence for Vasectomy. Please call our North Miami office at (305) 575-2771 to make an appointment for a vasectomy procedure.

      Dr Robbins North Miami office serves patients seeking vasectomy in all Miami-Dade, Fort Lauderdale and all Broward cities.

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