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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment without Medications Miami

Restore Your Sex Life

Many men only believe that in order to treat their erectile dysfunction, they will have to take medications with side effects or have a surgical procedure. Thankfully, there is a new and novel treatment for erectile dysfunction that does not require medications or a surgical intervention and it's called Shock Wave Therapy or more specifically Low intensity shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction. Shock wave therapy for ED utilizes the same effective technology used to treat kidney stones but using a lower energy setting. As opposed to medication and surgery, the goal of shockwave therapy is to restore your natural erectile function without the need for as needed pills, needles or pumps. At Urological Consultants of Florida, we are one of the pioneering centers in which shock wave therapy is used by a board certified urologist to treat erectile dysfunction.

Shockwave Therapy for ED

Studies looking at shock wave therapy for ED have shown impressive response rates in patients qualilty of erections. Shockwave is minimally uncomfortable and only requires 6 treatments each only 20 minutes long that are given weekly or biweekly at our convenient office in North Miami. Many men start seeing improvements after only 1 or 2 sessions even in patients that have previously not responded to oral medications such as Viagra and Levitra.

Who is a good candidate for shockwave (Li-ESWT) treatment for ED?

Any man with difficulty achieving an erection sufficient enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse is a candidate for shock wave therapy for ED. This includes men with difficulty achieving and erection, men with difficulty maintaining an erection and men whose erections are not hard enough for adequate penetration. Nearly all men as they age will experience some degree of erectile dysfunction. Common medical problems more prevalent in the aging male including high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease and kidney disease cause thinning of the blood vessels supplying blood to the penis during erection causing impaired erections. Shockwave therapy improves erectile function by inducing micro trauma to the erectile tissue within the penis resulting in an inflammatory response that increases blood supply to the area and improves erectile function. Patients with vasculogenic erectile dysfunction are good candidates for shock wave therapy.

Who is not a good candidate for shockwave (Li-ESWT) treatment for ED?

Fear of Erectile Dysfunction

Men on blood thinners have an increased risk for bruising and swelling during shockwave therapy for ED and have to be cautious. Common medications that thin the blood and increase the risk for bleeding include Coumadin, Pradaxa, Eliquis and Lovenox. If you are taking any of these medications and are considering shockwave for ED, please let us know prior to considering treatment.

Men whose ED is caused by psychogenic factors such as stress and anxiety may not respond as well to ED. Additionally, patients with a neurological etiology for ED such as with spinal cord injury and MS may not respond as well to shockwave therapy.

In our practice, we typically do not recommend shockwave therapy for ED in patients with vasculogenic erectile dysfunction that is so severe that the do not achieve even a minimal amount of erectile turgor with sexual activity or thoughts. These patients will need to try a more aggressive treatment modality such as penile injection therapy or penile implant. Many men's clinics in the area indiscriminately recommend shockwave therapy for ED because they are not staffed by board certified urologists and are not able to offer all of the treatment options for erectile dysfunction especially surgical options like a penile implant.

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