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      What is Rezum BPH treatment?

      Rezum Water Vapor Therapy

      Rezum is a Minimally Invasive Surgical Treatment (aka MIST) for BPH or enlarged prostate that is performed in the office setting or as an outpatient surgery. Rezum uses heat energy stored in steam to treat enlarged prostate tissue that is obstructing urine flow and causing bothersome symptoms such as urinary frequency, urgency, weak flow, hesitancy and waking at night to urinate.

      Are you ready to stop your medications for BPH?

      If you are tired of living with symptoms of BPH or bothered by the side effects of medications such as dizziness and sexual complaints, then Rezum Water Vapor Therapy may be right for you. Rezum is a minimally invasive office-based solution for the relief of BPH allowing patients to alleviate symptoms and stop their medications.

      How does Rezum work?

      Rezum uses a hand-held device introduced into the urethra through a cystoscope. Radiofrequency energy is used to heat up a small amount of water into steam that is then injected through the device directly and precisely into the enlarged or obstructing prostate tissue. The steam is immediately converted back into a water state and the energy is released into the cell membranes of the prostate tissue causing a gentle cell death. Over time, the obstructing prostate tissue will be absorbed through a natural healing process allowing the bladder to empty better and improving urinary symptoms.

      What are the benefits of Rezum?

      Rezum for BPH Procedure Room and David Robbins MD
      • Alternative to medications for enlarged prostate or BPH
      • Safe and effective relief of bothersome urinary symptoms
      • Symptom improvement within two wee
      • Simple in office or outpatient surgical procedures
      • General anesthesia is not needed
      • Preservation of ejaculatory and erectile function
      • Rapid return to regular activities

      Why choose Dr. Robbins for your Rezum BPH procedure?

      David Robbins, MD is a member of the Boston Scientific Strategic Advisory Board comprised of a select international group of academic and private urologists with extensive experience in minimally invasive interventions for enlarged prostate. The mission of this advisory board is to serve as a global guide for the future of minimally invasive BPH surgery.

      Dr. Robbins has taught minimally invasive prostate surgery internationally in locations including  Colombia, Peru, Chile, Puerto Rico and throughout the United States.

      Adding Rezum office based minimally invasive treatment has allowed Dr. Robbins to expand his armamentarium of treatment options for patients with bothersome urinary symptoms secondary to BPH who do not want to take medications for the rest of their lives or are bothered by medication side effects such as decreased sexual drive and ejaculatory dysfunction.

      What are the risks associated with Rezum?

      All medical interventions have associated risks. The Rezum System is intended for the treatment and relief BPH symptoms and obstruction and to reduce prostate tissue in patients with BPH. Rezum is indicated for patients with prostate volumes between 30cc and 80cc. Rezum is capable of treating prostate adenomatous tissue in both the central zone as well as the median lobe when present. Risks associated with therapy may include blood in the urine, blood in the semen, urinary tract infection, urgency, frequency, retention and a decrease in volume of ejaculation. Patients are advised to discuss the risks and benefits of Rezum with their urologists prior to moving forward with treatment.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Who can benefit from treatment with Rezum?

      Enlarged Prostate Treatment Miami

      Clincal studies indicate that men living with bothersome symptoms of BPH benefit from treatment with Rezum Water Vapory Therapy. Rezum is an option for men who are tired of monitoring their BPH symptoms on watchful waiting protocols, men who do not want to start medications or are bothered by medications side effects, or men not interested in other minimally invasive BPH solutions on the market.

      How much does Rezum cost?

      The cost of Rezum depends on a patient's insurance plan and benefits package. Rezum is covered by most major health insurance carriers, however it is always recommended that patients check with their insurance carriers prior to proceeding with treatment.

      Do I have to go to a hospital to have Rezum treatment for BPH?

      Rezum is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that can be performed comfortably under local anesthesia in the doctor's office.

      Is Rezum painful and will I need general anesthesia?

      Although Rezum can be performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient surgical procedure, it is generally carried out under local anesthesia in the urologist's office. Your urologist will discuss with you a plan to maximize your comfort during the brief procedure.

      How soon after Rezum will I notice improvements in my symptoms?

      Clinical studies demonstrate improvement and symptom relief from BPH as quickly as 2 weeks and continuing for up to 3 months after Rezum Water Vapor Therapy.

      When can I return to regular activities after Rezum?

      Most men return to regular activities within a few days after Rezum. Each patient's clinical scenario is unique however and you urologist will discuss personal recommendations with you.

      How long can I expect improvements with Rezum to last after treatment?

      Contemporary clinical studies demonstrate persistent improvements in BPH symptoms for up to 4 years after Rezum Therapy. Studies are ongoing and benefits may prove to persist even longer as the clinical trials continue.

      Will Rezum cause erectile dysfunction?

      Clinical studies do not demonstrate erectile dysfunction to be a side effect of Rezum Therapy. Additionally, there is no increase in risk for retrograde ejaculation associated with Rezm. Be sure to speak with your urologist regarding your own personal concerns prior to undergoing treatment. 

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